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Beatrice Red Star Fletcher is an interdisciplinary artist who likes to draw, sew, and create comedy. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she began her collaborative work with her father, Harrell Fletcher, when she was three years old, and her mother, Wendy Red Star, at age seven, as part of their exhibition Medicine Crow & The 1880 Crow Peace Delegation at the Portland Art Museum. She continues to collaborate with both parents while also working on solo projects.

Bea has exhibited at the Denver Art Museum, Portland Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Figge Art Museum, Goudiā€™ni Gallery at Humboldt State University, and Northcutt Steele Gallery at Montana State University Billings. She has also worked on publications and podcasts, and has spoken about her work at a variety of institutions.

Currently a 5th grader at a public elementary school, her favorite hobbies are reading books about girls, playing piano, practicing Aikido, riding horses, and being a fashion icon.

Contact: beasbiglaughs-at-gmail-dot-com